Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Point no. 10

The attitude of looking for excuses to do the things they would like to do in the name of God – thinking of Him as a stretchable entity to suit their taste and size

God has, over the centuries, has been known to inspire hearts in various ways and sizes. He has also given his beloved many kinds of gifts, talents, blessings and opportunities that span over a wide range to express that, as has been evident. The Bible does not specify specific directions on ways of manifestation but talks largely on principles and intent. The approach to this wide range is such that we do as we please within this range and extendable, not being authentic to our calling but choosing to prefer innovation over story and presentation over content, leaving out the message that is inherent and pursing a mode that has no or less of a story – all the while using the excuse of this wide range that such things can also be done in His name and are therefore not wrong. In the process, we completely ignore authenticity and inspiration that must drive our actions.

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