Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Point no. 2

Moving the centricity of message of the Hope of Christ from the Christ in us to the world out there, making it a message that does not speak of Christ completely.

When we walk and talk the Christian Way, our source for the direction and manner that we do it in is the Christ in us. And the message that we give, in this direction and manner, is also directed by the Christ in us. The centricity of the message given has fallen short of this principle. In the effort to reach out to the world, the focus is on the measurable outcome of the message more than the message itself. In certain efforts stressing on a measurable outcome, the message has been diluted losing out more and more on the core of the message (Christ), the more innovative they get. The questions that matter have not changed, neither have the answers. The ones that have mattered have always mattered, once you remove the fluff that has seemed to be added to them. When we try and tweak the Hope so that we can get a measurable outcome keeping this fluff in mind, its message of Hope gets less Christ-centric. This would mean speaking of Christ in a manner that does not completely speak of Him, being misguiding, misinformative and misleading.

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