Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Point no. 8

The promotion of Christian Belief that moves towards a certain particular end – keeping the end more important than the focus of the journey and the journey itself – reducing the Christian Walk to an engineered journey as opposed to a honest and sincere walk with God in our yearning for him.

The Christian life is a journey that we take on as we walk with God. It is a journey that starts at the yearning for God. As we discover God more and more, we learn more and more about him. Since we are learning about him, we cannot engineer our belief towards a certain God (which would make the journey futile). We must follow that yearning and we go where it takes us. If we knew who God is, we would not have to go on that journey to discover Him more. We cannot possibly know where we are to head if we are on a search and we would not need to search if we knew where we were heading. A belief that productizes the God that is to be known to be of a certain kind engineering this journey toward it, makes the journey redundant and useless doing no justice to a sincere and earnest walk with Him.

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